Why did you create RUDE coffee?

  • We love coffee but hated the anxiety that came with it, so our founder discovered scientifically proven natural ingredients that reduced the negative side effects of caffeine and thought it would be rude not to share it with others who have the same problem.
  • Our deeper 'WHY' is to inspire conversation around anxiety and mental health, ultimately supporting social change that improves the mental health culture in New Zealand.

Why is your name RUDE?

What are Nootropics?

How does RUDE reduce the anxiety and jitters of coffee?

How does RUDE reduce the energy crash of coffee?

Can I trial RUDE?

How do I make RUDE coffee?

Can I drink RUDE as Iced Coffee?

Is RUDE a natural product?

Is RUDE coffee fair trade and organic?

Is RUDE Vegan, Gluten, Nut and Soy free?

Can I drink RUDE when on a keto diet?

Do I need to add sugar to RUDE coffee?

  • This is entirely your decision on how sweet you like your coffee.
  • We have created our formula with a pinch of Monk fruit extract to bring out the flavours of the coffee but not enough to make it sweet like sugar. This way we ensure everyone can enjoy RUDE, even those who like their coffee black.

Is RUDE coffee safe?

Where can I buy RUDE coffee?

What’s the difference between RUDE and decaf coffee?

Why should I buy RUDE coffee rather than cheap Instant coffee?

Does RUDE coffee actually work?

When should I start feeling the effects?

Why is RUDE in individual sachets?

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